​​Dear Ambassador,

During this pandemic, we all had time to step back and review our core values.  As one of the outcomes from the pandemic is how are we setting the current generation and those that will follow, up for success.  As we embark on this new emerging way business and education are taught, we realized we are ahead of the game, by incorporating technology and business finance in our curriculum and connecting youth with the power to succeed in any world-changing epic situation.

We are inviting you to support our PROJECT GUARDIAN ANGEL MENTORING PROGRAM, designed to increase the prosperity and knowledge of our youth who are justice-involved, foster care, and homeless to receive services without barriers to a successful lifestyle. The services are strategically in alignment with our core services, which are financial education, work experience, housing, and entrepreneurship.  As an addition to this, we want to increase the wealth-building mindsets in our communities by taking our youth, single parents and income challenged families from homeless to homeownership while stimulating the pride of equity building for prosperity.  We want to bring enlightenment to those who desire to achieve a higher quality of life.    

We are seeking Ambassadors to help us raise $500,000 to continue to do the work of equipping our community members with viable economic development tools and housing securement strategies.  These funds we seek are unrestricted, to alleviate turning young people away who do not have the right to work documents in getting assistance from Government Agencies which are required right to work documents to obtain support services.  We will continue to collaborate with other organizations that do not have the capacity to support various youth and enhance their ability to increase comprehensive eradication of systemically influenced impoverishment.   

 Under the direction of  POWERS Inc., and Members to bring their expertise in their collaborative core capacities to build out a component that is often missing in many organizations’ outreach strategies.

All donations are to be made to the following non-profit entities:

 You will be provided with the necessary non-profit documentation proof of 501C3 status for each organization as it pertains to donations received.   

Will you be our Ambassador and help us raise the funds for such a worthy cause in increasing sustainably for youth not just in Los Angeles, CA but in all States where we are able to secure Ambassadors support?

We are excited about the work we are currently doing, Financial Coaching over 900 individuals since 2010, and utilization of Innovative Housing & Support Strategies to assist many members of our most vulnerable population to get off the streets and guide them to being strong financial stewards within our society.  As we build on our momentum, with your support.

 We look forward to extending the endless wealth building and housing stability possibilities for dreamers, giving them a well-equipped foundation to launch from while strategically designing individually tailored paths that will enable them to attain long term financial freedom.

Warm regards,

POWERS INC., Chief Executive Officer



Project Guardian Angel Mentoring Program